Chicago's South Shore


There must be something in the water that fosters brilliance in this southern lakefront community. First Lady Michelle Obama, business magnate Larry Ellison, Nobel Prize winner James D. Watson and rapper Kanye West are all former residents of South Shore. In addition to its homegrown celebrities, the neighborhood boasts architectural spectacles, one of the city's largest beaches and the South Shore Cultural Center, a crown jewel in Chicago's arts and culture community.  

As the neighborhood's main attraction, the South Shore Cultural Center features an impressive array of galleries, dance studios and public beaches. A longstanding symbol of community pride, it was the sight of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle's wedding reception and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1975. The building also boasts a nine-hole golf course and the Paul Roberson Theatre, a 600-seat space that hosts the South Shore Opera Company.

The neighborhood's most striking area is the Jackson Park Highlands. This residential pocket features a hodgepodge of architectural styles and imposing mansions, which when combined with a pit stop at nearby Rainbow Beach, make for one of the most charming neighborhood strolls in Chicago. 

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